One Direction Movie Director Promises ‘Shirtless Moments’

One Direction’s 3D movie ‘This Is Us’ will be released later this year and director Morgan Spurlock has given us a sneak peek at what we can expect from the feature-length film. 

Morgan spilled his behind-the-scenes secrets in an exclusive Twitter chat via the official movie Twitter account @1DThisIsUs this morning, and we’ve picked the juiciest morsels for you to feast your eyes on. Check out our 10 awesome facts about the film below. Can’t wait… 

1. We’ll get to see inside the boys’ homes. Morgan says: “Working with the band has been a real thrill. We’ve had some incredible moments both at their homes & on the road.”

2. There will be robots. Morgan revealed: “We had some hilarious moments while filming in Japan. It was the band’s first time there and they were in awe of that city, and ROBOTS!”

3. There’s going to be a DVD. *Updates Christmas list*. “There will definitely be a DVD, says Morgan. “We’ve shot so much amazing footage, we’re never going to be able to pack it all into one movie!”

4. BEST NEWS EVER: There will be plenty of topless shots. He says there’ll be “more shirtless moments than you can imagine, now how many of those make it into the final film we’ll have to wait and see.”

5. There’ll be a bromance overload. Morgan adds: “One of the things I really love about the lads is how much they care about and support each other. They really stand by one another.”

6. We’ll get to see the trailer later this month. He says: “A new trailer (the OFFICIAL trailer) will come out in April after we film the concerts. Shot the 1st 3D show last night.”

7. The boys decided on the film’s name themselves. Bless. Morgan said: “They came up with it themselves. They really wanted it convey that it was them bringing you into their lives.”

8. We’ll see them eat McDonalds. Yum. He adds: “They love eating McD in front of me, but on the new tour they have a trainer who’s keeping them off the Big Macs!”

9. Food + One Direction = food fight! “They won me over immediately, reveals Morgan. “In my first meeting with them a food fight broke out with dinner rolls.”

10. We’ll finally see what really happens on the tour bus. Morgan adds: “The lads have been both in front of & behind the camera. They’ve been filming each other on the tour bus & on day’s off, great footage.” (sic)

We’ll bring you heaps more goss about the movie as soon as it’s announced. Exciting! RM