One Direction: “Making A Movie Was Nerve Wracking!”

Mondays don’t get much better than when a rendez vous with One Direction is in the diary, which is exactly why LOOK bounced out of bed this morning.

We caught up with Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik at a top secret north London location just one day ahead of their 3D movie premiere.

The lads, just back from a few days apart following a stint of shows in America, were on usual fab and funny form as they met us and a few select media.

Niall was still wearing his Virgin Media V Festival and Louder Lounge wristbands after partying the weekend away with his mates. And Harry was looking tanned and rather tasty after flying in from a few days chilling in LA.

This Is Us is directed by film maker Morgan Spurlock and follows the famous five as they tour the world, sending girls into a state of delirium everywhere from Mexico City to London’s O2 Arena. The movie hits UK cinemas on August 29.

Want us to stop waffling so you can read the boys’ interview? No problemo. Here are the highlights…

Is your film better than movies made by other pop stars, like Justin Bieber or Katy Perry?

Harry: “We just want to show what we’re about. With social media there’s only so much you can get across in terms of your personality and what we’re like with each other for the fans to see. Obviously it’s different because it’s about us, not Justin Bieber!”

What can you say to convince our boyfriends to watch the film?

Harry: “Pleeeeease!”

Niall: “Tell him that we all play football in it, because we’re lads”

The film features a lot of rock and roll but, er, where’s the sex and drugs?

Harry:  “[drawing a sign of the cross on his chest] This is a family press conference!”

Louis: “We like to think we’re rock and roll but we’re not really.”

Is there going to be a This Is Us sequel?

Liam: “We just want to see how this one does first. It’s so nerve wracking making a film. I was thinking the other day when we sit in the premiere and everybody is actually watching it on the big screen it’s going to be amazing.”

Harry: “Maybe we could repackage the out-takes and make a DVD.”

Were there any bits that you didn’t want in the final cut?

Harry: “It was less about seeing stuff that we didn’t like and more [about what] we really wanted in. It’s all such great footage.”

Liam: “It’s like we’ve got five people’s personalities to get across.”

Zayn was it hard to watch the emotional bit where your mum Tricia sees the house you bought her?

Zayn: “It was quite strange but it was good and it’s an amazing thing for me, because in 10 to 15 years I’ve got amazing footage of when my mum saw the house for the first time.”

Do you look forward to time apart and who do you miss the most when you’re separated?

Liam: “[After time off] the first time you walk into the room, the loudest person is always Louis.  The first thing I heard this morning was ‘oi oi!’ from Louis. We definitely miss each other. We spend a lot of time off together too.

Liam and Harry, in the film you discuss the time you considered kicking Zayn out of the band, what was that about?

Liam: “The first week together, it was all a bit strange at first trying to get everyone together for rehearsals. I mean, still to this day it’s a struggle to get Zayn out of bed [Niall and Harry burst into laughter].

There’s a lot of mayhem around you, are you aware of it?

Louis: “That’s what’s great for us about the movie, because so much is happening to us and you kind of just lose it all. It’s great to watch it back and relive those moments.”


By Gemma Calvert

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