This Is What Happened When LOOK Had Tea With One Direction

We lived out every teenager’s fantasy this week. Yup, we caught up with the One Direction lads to discuss everything – from their X Factor opinions to their brand new fragrance – over afternoon tea, no less.

We also got to sample their perfume, named Between Us, as well as getting a front row viewing of the advert. Which, by the way, is genius.

In it, the boys are on a mission to source the ingredients; Harry must hike up the highest mountain for a freesia, Liam must dive to the deepest part of the ocean to steal some amber and Louis dons a space suit (which he reckons was actually from NASA) to get an apricot. FYI – the supermarkets in space are a whole lot emptier than ours.

Niall, at the last minute, arrives with an onion. Everyone’s pretty underwhelmed, until he breaks it apart and uses it to add his tears to the bottle.

Yes, that’s right, the new One Direction perfume is made from Niall’s actual tears. Feel free to freak out accordingly.

Next, the boys took turns in joining us at the table for a spot of tea and a scone. Here’s what we talked about…

When LOOK met Liam Payne

Did you enjoy filming the advert?

It’s so hard to walk around in flippers! It was a lot of fun. It was actually quite a good workout.

Tells us about your new perfume…

It’s sort of darker. It’s so hard to describe a smell isn’t it?! It’s more mature.

What would you say is your most memorable smell? Something that reminds you of your childhood, perhaps?

Islands of Adventure in Orlando Florida. I used to go there every Christmas. Whenever I walk into Jurassic Park, with the water… It’s that smell.

Sometimes I’ll randomly be walking down the street and I’ll think ‘this smells like America!’

Do you go on all of the rides?

Yes. Everything.

I jumped off the side of a building. It’s a controlled fall. You’re in a harness. You just get to see the most amazing view.

Will you be performing any of your new material on the UK tour?

Possibly the new single!

When LOOK Met Niall Horan

Who is the best and worst smelling member of 1D?

Everyone always says I smell good! But I don’t know because I can’t smell myself…

Who’s the girl that wears this fragrance?

Emma Watson. You know, sophisticated. People like Natalie Portman.

Will you be sending them both a bottle?


Who’s the biggest prankster on tour?

Louis. Louis is a messer. He’s always at something. Recently he was on stage just throwing water at everyone. And Harry always throws water at the crowd.

We were in LA a little while ago and we rented this car. He (Louis) covered my car in toilet paper!

Do you ever look at fan’s Instagram or Twitter feeds?

Yeah! Sometimes I’ll go on Instagram and go on their pages…

If you could make any other product, what would it be?

We’ve pretty much done it all! I think we’ve even got masking tape.

What do you like about the perfume bottle? 

We always have charms. Last year we had a ring on it, so you could take it off and put it on a chain…

When LOOK Met Louis Tomlinson

😝 @louist91 @onedirection

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What’s your best prank?

It’s normally pretty standard! If someone falls asleep they get drawn on… Food thrown on them…

Me and Liam had a water fight the other day.

What’s your go-to beauty product? 

Probably just some hairspray!

Do you workout? 

I’m not too good in the gym. I don’t really find it too interesting. Maybe no one does!

How many tattoos have you got? 

I don’t actually know!

Which one is your favourite?

(After much deliberation) The little man on the skateboard

Do you ever watch back old X Factor auditions?

Every now and then. It’s pretty funny and pretty cringey.

Will you be watching X Factor this year?


Are you excited about Rita Ora?

Yeah! Should make it more interesting…

When LOOK Met Harry Styles

What a gent @harrystyles #1D #onedirection

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The dates in the Night Changes video. Are any based on real experiences?

No! That would be unfortunate! It was a fun video though!

Do you wear aftershave?

Yeah. Tom Ford.