There’s Something Weird About The Date Chiam Announced Their Baby News

For One Direction fans, 25 March is somewhat ominous...

It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend for One Direction fans.

First off, Liam Payne and his girlfriend Cheryl announced that they’d become parents to a baby boy. Then, a dramatic TV advert aired for Harry Styles’ debut solo single.

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This all happened on Saturday evening. So as you can imagine, Twitter went a little bit wild.

Messages included: ‘I leave Twitter for one day, and Liam’s popped out a baby and Harry’s releasing a single,’ and: ‘So while I was lost. Liam becomes a father and Harry is releasing music.’

LOLz. We have to admit, it’s a lot to take in.

But let’s just note what the date was on Saturday… 25 March. This may not mean much to you, but it does to the 1D fandom.

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Why? Well, it was on this day two years ago that Zayn Malik told the world that he was quitting the band. In a statement, he explained that he wanted to focus on being a ‘normal 22-year-old’ who’s able to ‘have some private time out of the spotlight’.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik quit One Direction on 25 March 2015

But after a year-long break, he was back with solo albumĀ Mind Of Mine – and, you guessed it, he chose 25 March to release it.

So is there a reason that this date is particularly significant for the 1D lads? Are they trying to replace Zayn’s shock exit with something happier? Or is it just all a huge coincidence?

Of course, Directioners have their theories. One’s Tweeted: ‘March 25 has been cursed since zayn left one direction,’ while another says: ‘March 25 is a weird monumental day in One Direction history.. This is some back to the future s*** [sic].’

Hmm… we’re not sure, but we’re pretty intrigued.

Do you have any ideas as to what’s going on? Witchcraft? A blood brother pact? Let us know your thoughts over on Twitter @lookmagazine.