Once: Can This Dating App Find You The One?

How does a team of professional matchmakers sound? Dating app Once aims to find you your perfect match – but you only get one chance a day to find him or her! Every day, you’re sent just one profile and you have 24 hours to match with them. And if your heart goes all a flutter at the sight of someone special, then Once knows that too. If you have a FitBit activity tracker then they’ll monitor it and, in theory, your heart rate will increase when you view someone you’re attracted to – Once then send you more profiles with similar looks.

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But is it really the fast track to The One? And can it really top Tinder? Writer Alix Fox reviewed it to find out…

“My heart rate jumps when I see my first Once match… because I’m horrified! I tend to like tall, hairy guys (my last boyfriend resembled a lanky, indie Chewbacca); this bloke’s shorter and balder than Verne Troyer. Plus, his description of himself just says ‘Ask!’, which I find annoying and lazy.

‘It takes a while for matchmakers to learn your desires,’ explains Jean Mayer, Once’s CEO. ‘Ignore men you don’t like, and the team will quickly pick up on what turns you off. You can also opt to choose your own matches from a pool of 20 gents, to steer cupid towards your preferences.’

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Sure enough, suitors soon start looking more suited to my tastes. We have zero in common, though. Ned, 30, starts a conversation about Laurel & Hardy films, while Anton, 26, invites me to an “interpretive dance improv workshop”. Not my cuppa.

However, everyone’s very polite – there don’t seem to be nitwits demanding tit pics on Once, perhaps because it’s populated with slightly older, more sensible, romantic gents sincerely seeking soulmates. I plan to stay logged on longer and see if my matches become more tailor-made. Conclusion? Once is worth looking twice at, even if it doesn’t get things right first time.”


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