Couple Caught Sharing An ‘Intimate Moment’ During Last Night’s Olympics

Yep, *that* happened.

Something is definitely in that Rio water (perhaps the reason for the green Olympic swimming pool? Just a thought…) because honestly, has the Olympics ever *seen* so much sauciness.

We’ve had naked divers, Rebecca Adlington and Mark Foster flirting up a storm live on TV and a guy breaking his leg in about thirty places.

Okay, the last one wasn’t at all saucy. But we needed a third example, and thats just what came to mind.

See: Rebecca Adlington Just Touched Mark Foster’s Leg *Again*…

Anyway, the Olympic sauciness is showing absolutely no signs of cooling off, as last night, during some LIVE Olympic coverage, a couple appeared to be have been caught sharing a ‘special intimate moment’. On the beach. In public. In front of the cameras.

Can you see them?! Yep… that happened.


As Olympic presenter Dan Walker presented his segment of the games coverage, viewers were quick to point out the couple that appeared to be in a, *ahem*, very compromising position on the beach behind.

After spotting the couple, Dan attempted to reassure the camera that ‘it’s not that… It’s just a hug. They’re reading a book’. Oh, that old chestnut…

Dan then added ‘apparently they’re reading a book, in a strange pose. We’ll find out what the book is a little later on’. Please, Dan, we’d rather not have a closer inspection on the reading material if you don’t mind.

Taking to Twitter, Dan also shared ‘Just for clarification… they were reading a book!!! That couple were definitely reading a book #Copacanoodle’.

Funnily enough, we’re not the only ones slightly less than convinced at Dan’s ‘Olympic book group’ theory- with replies to the Tweet reading messages such as ‘Yeah “reading a book”.

Although, it would appear that one Twitter user does harbour some genuine concern for the well-being of the ‘book’ and it’s ‘sandy pages’…


And, as amazing as the footage is, it’s Dan’s reaction that really makes the piece. So much so, many have taken to Twitter to congratulate the presenter on being just so darn funny…

One Twitter user shared: ‘You have been fantastically entertaining to watch throughout! Excellent job!’.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 13.31.49 Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 13.32.12

Moral of the story- if someone in Rio asks if you ‘want to read a book’, just say no. It’s not a book.

Alice Perry