Olympic Star Jessica Ennis Set To Win More Gold!

Team GB’s Jessica Ennis made the UK proud at the Olympics this weekend, with her spectacular gold medal win in the heptathlon event. Now she’s set to score sponsorship deals worth millions of pounds, on top of the ones she already has with companies including Olay, Jaguar and BA.

Winning the gold will equate to cash rolling in for the sports star in the next four years, in the run up to Rio’s Olympic games. Experts predict she could score an income of approximately £3million a year thanks to her incredible achievement!

“For Jess Ennis, being the poster girl for the Games, she has obviously secured a lot of sponsorship agreements in advance – probably around £1m to £1.25m,” brandRapport’s Nigel Currie told Marketing Magazine. “However, her victory will potentially earn her around £3m per annum over the next two to three years in the run-up to Rio. Because of the number of medals Britain has won, there will be even more competition for the lucrative marketing contracts but Ennis has clearly emerged as the big star.”

Sponsors are sure to be falling over themselves to back her for the Rio games – we’re so proud of Jessica’s Olympic gold medal moment! BS