The Hilarious Olympic Hot Tub Moment We’re Still Talking About

Something *pretty* awkward happened during the Men's Synchronised Springboard Diving during the Rio Olympics...

We’ve been enjoying the Olympic SO MUCH this year. And we’re not going to lie, the men’s diving has been a real treat on the eyes.

Last night was a special one, as Team GB scooped a gold medal thanks to Jack Laugher and Chris Mears’ epic performance in the  men’s synchronized 3-meter springboard diving final. Yaaaay, GB!

However, during the men’s final, there were some hilariously awkward moments. And they mostly involved the hot tub.

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Something *odd* happened when the Chinese divers left the pool…


The Chinese team, who came a close third after the US, had just finished their second last dive when they left the pool to hit up the infamous hot tub.

Now, many people on Twitter were confused about this in the first place. Because, what IS with the hot tub?!

Well, it’s actually so that the divers can warm up before their next dive, as well as nab some much-needed moments of relaxation during the competition. Yep, we can get that.

But something hilarious happened that left viewers even MORE confused about the hot tub situation. Because, did you see what happened after the Chinese team’s dive?

The two teammates headed to the tub to hang out (all normal so far), but when they got there, discovered that there was already someone in there. We mean…

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What made the whole thing even more hilarious was that neither of the Chinese batted an eyelid, and politely carried on as usual as if there wasn’t a random third wheeler occupying their tub. Lols.


And as for the intruder? Well, he looked like possible the most awkward man in the world, staring blankly ahead as the Chinese divers warmed up.

And of course, Twitter noticed.

There have been so, SO many great moments about the Olympics. And #hottubgate is definitely up there for us.