Um. What’s With The Olympic Divers Being *Naked* On Live TV?

Ever wondered what the Olympic divers look like naked? It's your lucky day- thanks to this weird new craze.

You know what they say- there ain’t no sport like a naked sport.

Okay, okay- don’t freak out. We’re very much aware that people don’t usually tend to say this.

However, after a recent trend on Twitter, it is very possible that ‘naked sport’ might just be your next favourite hobby (and yes, we can’t quite believe we’re typing these words either).

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Nope- we’re not about to force some obscure and slightly inappropriate new fetish upon you, as ‘naked sport’ is completely not as it seems. Phew…

In fact, people are *actually* losing their minds over the fact that the Olympic divers often appear to look naked- due to the tech crew conveniently editing the scoreboard smack bam over their Speedos.

Nice one, guys.

Need a closer look? Hey, don’t worry- we’ve got you! Here’s a ‘naked’ Tom Daley in all his glory, fresh from his Olympic skinny dip…
Tom Daley naked

Yup, it’s not just you. We’re also entirely alarmed.


‘Naked’ showers are certainly not the only unwanted side dish of Olympic ‘wtf is happening here’ moments- as viewers are also currently freaking out over that threeway hot tub sesh between the Chinese divers and someone who really wasn’t supposed to be joining them.

So, in case you’re not already freaked out enough (we applaud you), then please do take yourself over here to enjoy the ‘hot-tub-three-way’.

With Rebecca Adlington stroking Mark Foster’s thigh, the divers stripping off and three-way Jacuzzi sessions, the Olympics has never been so darn sexy (kind of).

Or. at least, it *would* seem sexy if the pool wasn’t currently GREEN. Yup- more on that one here.

It’s a weird old world, isn’t it?!

Alice Perry