Olly Murs: X Factor Contestants Are ‘Nobody’ When They Finish The Show

Olly Murs, who came second on the X Factor in 2009, says the contestants need to remember that the show isn't a one way ticket to being a celeb

X Factor contestants, brace yourselves, because someone is NOT very happy with you.

Olly Murs – who, let’s not forget, was once an X Factor contestant himself – has hit out at the current hopefuls, or, some might say, said what the rest of us are all thinking.

Speaking to the Metro, he said: “A lot of them are in it for the wrong reasons. A lot gave the impression they were in it to be famous and not because they wanted to release music.”

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We should point out here that he wasn’t just talking about the current set of contestants, but also the ones he met during his presenting stints on the Xtra Factor in 2011 and the X Factor last year, which he hosted alongside his buddy Caroline Flack.

Olly himself found fame after coming second on the 2009 series of the X Factor, where he won over Simon Cowell at the audition stage.

He reckons contestants need to stop letting it go to their head, though.

“When I did Xtra Factor, they all believed in all the hype and believed they were bigger than they were,” he said.

“When you come off the show you’re not anyone. You’ve had one single, or not even got a single. Now prove to people you’re a real deal.”

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Sounds like harsh words, but we reckon Olly’s just trying to give some important advice to the latest lot. He said that some of the contestants he met in the past didn’t seem to appreciate the opportunity that the X Factor gave them, and that it’s important to remember how life-changing it could be.

“It’s the biggest thing that’s ever happened in your life. It was the biggest thing that ever happened in my life. Even now,” he said. “I just felt some people just didn’t appreciate it enough.”

Will this year’s contestants take on board Olly’s comments and try their best not to become divas before the competition finishes? Let’s be honest, it would be more entertaining if they didn’t…