Olly Murs has teamed up with Flo Rida for his latest track

Olly Murs Unveils Music Video For ‘Troublemaker’ Feat. Flo Rida

Olly Murs has FINALLY unveiled the video for his latest track, ‘Troublemaker‘ – and we’ve already watched it about a billion times.

Sadly, it doesn’t feature any of the amazing moves he pulled on Nicole Scherzinger on Saturday night’s Xtra Factor, but it does feature the former X Factor winner in some very tight trousers. Olly decided to give Nicole a sexy dance on Saturday night, which left her blushing a shade of pink as bright as her dress. She cringed, saying: “My boyfriend is backstage!” 


Olly has teamed up with rapper Flo Rida for the first track from his third album, and we’re betting our weekly shopping budget that it’ll make the number one spot*.

The song is released on 18 November, while Olly’s next album Right Place, Right Time will hit the shelves on 26 November.

It feels like ages since we’ve seen Olly in action. Stop hogging him every week, Caroline Flack… it’s about time he returned to our iPods! Check out the video in full, below. RM

*We didn’t mean this.