Olly Murs Tells LOOK How He Really Feels About Caroline Flack!

Want to know all of the X Factor 2012 goss, straight from Olly Murs? Well you’re just in luck as Caroline Flack’s TV other-half talks to LOOK about One Direction’s Harry Styles and why he’s excited for the X Factor live shows.

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Olly, you’re back! Hurray. Are you excited about the live shows?

I’m really excited, I’ve been busy this year so I’ve obviously missed a lot of the auditions, bootcamp and judges houses but really excited about going back and meeting all the judges again and being involved in the show.

Who’s your favourite contestant to make it to live shows?

At the moment I’d probably say Lucy is my favourite just because she’s got a tattoo of me on her foot. 

OK, that’s odd – how did it come about?

Well, she said to me that if I performed with her on the show she’d get a tattoo on her foot of me. Obviously it was a bit tongue in cheek and I didn’t think she’d actually do it but she said, “No I will” so I said, “Ok, I’ll definitely sing with you.” She then went to the tattoo parlour. Being the gentleman I am I paid for it as to be honest I’m not sure I will get to see with her. I felt bad. 

It must be nice to be back with Caroline. You guys love to have a flirt, has it ever gone further?

No we never did actually. Sometimes you just meet someone and you have a good chemistry with. We flirt a lot regardless. It never got to that point of kissing or going out with each other and of course there was the whole Harry thing at the time. But… 

So were you a bit annoyed when Harry swooped in and stole your girl?

No, not at all. Obviously she fancied Harry and he fancied her, that’s why they went out with each other. But me and Caroline never were going to be girlfriend and boyfriend, it was just flirting and we had a good time. 

Do you think you ever could be a couple?

We’re BFF’s. I care a lot about her. 

If One Direction come on the show will you be doing the interview alone, or will you do it together?

I hope we do it together. Obviously I get on really well with the lads but I suppose it could be a little be difficult depending on if Caroline was up for it. But I’m sure she’ll be fine, I mean she’s very thick skinned and I’m sure her and Harry have spoken since they split. I’m sure it’s all fine.

When they did split there was a lot being written about it so were you a shoulder to cry on for Caroline?

Yeah course. It was a tough time for her but I didn’t want to get involved in it too much because I’m friends with Harry too and its their own business and its private. But of course Caroline called me and spoke to me a couple of times about it. A lot of what was written about her was quite mean and quite harsh but she’s a lovely girl and sometimes you can’t help who you fall for.

Aww, well we think you’re both wonderful. 

Words: Lydia Southern and Fran Jankowiak