Olly Murs Says He’s Worried About His Drinking

Olly Murs has left fans a little worried after admitting that he’s still not over his last break-up, and he’s turning to drink.

The former X Factor presenter has confessed that he’s still struggling with his break-up from girlfriend Francesca Thomas, which happened back in September.

‘I’m not over it’, he told The Sun On Sunday. ‘I don’t think anyone is ever over a break-up. You’re always going to think about them and care about them. It’s like you’ve lost someone, like you’re grieving, because they were there all of the time and then they’re not.’

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Aww, Ols! Our hearts are breaking for you.

And it seems being a singleton has led Olly to a change of lifestyle – namely, more alcohol, and more partying. And he even admits that he’s a little worried about himself.

‘The problem is at the moment I’m going out too much’, he confessed. ‘You know when you go to the doctors and they ask you questions, they say “How often do you drink?”‘

‘Normally I’d say I have a drink once or twice every two weeks and now it’s like… every two or three days… maybe.’



Olly recently uploaded a photo to Instagram of him at a party sipping on a drink at a party, and wrote: ‘When all ya mates have girlfriends tonight and you ain’t…’

But he’s hardly short of offers, as fan comments quickly flooded in offering their company.

‘I’d be happy to keep u company’, one woman wrote, along with hundreds of others. Whilst a supportive male had some advice for Murs…



‘Don’t be down hearted the right person will come along eventually mate’, they wrote. Naw.

It looks like we can expect an emotional new album from the singer, too, as Olly admits that recording his fifth album was difficult, as he was still coming to terms with his split, adding that some days he just ‘couldn’t bring myself to be happy.’

Chin up, Ols!