Why Olly Murs’ Appearance On The Jonathan Ross Show Was A Little Awkward

Olly Murs joined Jonathan Ross to talk about his split with his ex girlfriend, but also found himself the butt of his fellow guests' jokes...

Olly Murs fans were very excited to see him back on their screens as he joined Jonathan Ross’s famous line-up on The Jonathan Ross Show last night.

And just as always, he was his usual bubbly, entertaining self, as he opened up about his split from his ex, Francesca Thomas.

The You Don’t Know Love singer revealed that his new album was the first time he’d ever written about a break-up, telling Jonathan: ‘I’ve never really written about personal things before.

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olly murs

Olly Murs dealt with the jokes from his fellow guests extremely well on The Jonathan Ross Show…

‘I have touched on it but a lot of songs I’ve wrote have always been happy, feel-good tracks, so it was a chance for me to write about my ex-relationship, which was tough.’

Olly went on to confess that he even took his ex, Francesca, for a curry, before inviting her to listen to the new album a while back, so that she wouldn’t be ‘surprised’ when she first heard the emotional lyrics on the radio.

Aw, he’s a cutie, isn’t he?

Thankfully, Olly said she dealt with it well, and even revealed that he’s back on the dating scene. ‘I haven’t tried any apps’, he said, before adding: ‘I’ve been tempted to go on Tinder just for the craic and see what happens.’

*Cue MANY women’s cries of delight*.

However, with live TV always comes the risk of embarrassment, and poor Olly did have a few awkward moments whilst on the show.

Viewers on Twitter found it very amusing when fellow guest Riz Ahmed (who currently stars in hit HBO show Night Of), shunned Olly when he offered to beatbox for him whilst he rapped for the audience.

Oh, poor Ols!

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‘Riz Ahmed denying Olly Murs’s offer to drop a beat for his freestyle on Jonathan Ross is everything to me’, one viewer tweeted.

‘Man, @rizmc on Jonathan Ross show! That Olly Murs burn’, said another.

And it didn’t stop there, as Amy Schumer was also piling on the jokes by pretending not to know who Olly was.

No, don’t be mean to our Ols!

However, he still had plenty of support from fans, and the overhelming response to Olly’s appearance was how brilliantly he dealt with the jokes made on his behalf.

Naww. We love you, Ols.