Made In Chelsea’s Ollie Locke Comes Out As Gay

The Made In Chelsea star says he's ready to experience his 'first gay relationship'...

One of the Made In Chelsea stars has come out as gay.

Ollie Locke has dabbled with both boys and girls in the past, and has previously identified as bisexual. But as of this morning, the MIC star wants everyone to know that he’s 100% gay.

Speaking about the upcoming Made In Chelsea: Cannes spin-off, the reality TV star told The Sun that this time, fans would see him officially coming out.

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ollie locke

Ollie has previously identified as bisexual…

‘It’s the first time the viewers have seen me as gay instead of bi. I do say the words “I am a gay man”‘, Ollie said.

Locke’s revelation comes after he broke up with ex-girlfriend Catherine Louise Radford.

‘I lived with a woman last year when I was off camera and we had two dogs together. Then when we broke up in December, I thought, “That’s it now , I think I’m now gay”’, he added.

ollie locke

Ollie and Binky have been BFFs for years…

Before, Ollie had stated that he’d never slept with a man.’ I’ve never slept with a guy’, he said during his time on Celebrity Big Brother back in 2014.

He added: ‘I think everyone kind of assumes that I have.’

But now, the star says he’s ready for a new experience.

ollie locke

Ollie says he’s ready to explore a relationship with a man…

‘I want to experience my first gay relationship whether that’s on or off camera’, he told The Sun. ‘I don’t mind. But I want to have one. I’m ready.’

Proud of you, Ols.