This Woman Received Shocking Abuse For Her Tinder Profile

Any Tinder user knows the head-scratching pain of deciding on a bio. Darn you, ‘about me’ section. 

Olivia Melville knows this a little too well, after her dating profile went public, owing to some rather risqué Drake lyrics that she’d chosen to fill that space with. 

The 23-year-old later found that a screenshot of her Tinder account had been uploaded to a stranger’s Facebook, and what followed is seriously disturbing. 

Prepare for the outrage, ladies. 

The man in question had captioned his upload with the line ‘stay classy ladies’, and a tirade of abusive comments soon followed. 

Word soon got back to Olivia, through a friend of a friend, and she decided to hit back at some of the responses. One user wrote ‘why don’t you show your parents your Tinder profile I’m sure they’d be impressed’ to which she replied: ‘Why would they care? It’s just a song lyric.’

It soon took a nastier turn, and many of the other words are too extreme and violent to repeat, but to summarise Olivia was threatened with ‘rape’ and was also labelled as a ‘grubby b*tch’.

When her friends jumped to her defense, they too were subject to violent abusive comments. 

>Facebook: Paloma Brierley Newton

But Olivia isn’t taking any of this lying down. Instead, she’s chosen to hit back in the best possible way. And her friends have rallied around her. 

Close friend Paloma Brierley Newton, who spoke to Buzzfeed, took to Facebook to announce their new campaign, #SexualViolenceWontBeSilenced‬.

Sharing some screenshots of the comments that the group had received, she said: “I want to take a moment to talk about sexual violence and harassment.

“Today a friend of mine became aware that someone had screen shotted her Tinder profile picture and uploaded it onto their Facebook, essentially slut shaming my friend for using lyrics from a song as her tag line.



“The comments started to get pretty intense and at one point people starting insinuating that my friend should be raped because of her Tinder profile.”

The message then went on to explain that their new campaign would work to raise awareness of cyber bullying and slut-shaming on social media, and that “I’ll also be taking these pictures to the police, be warned men, the internet is not longer your invisibility cloak.”

The police are currently investigating the original incident. 

But it’s a sad day when you can’t recite a song lyric – which men sing about on a daily basis – without getting slut-shamed. 

By Laura Jane Turner