Olivia’s Mum Has Revealed Something Interesting About Her Love Island Application

Turns out, she almost appeared on last year's series...

Olivia Attwood’s mum has revealed something very interesting about how she ended up appearing on Love Island.

Instead of applying the bog-standard way, the 26-year-old was actually approached by producers who were scouting contestants.

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Olivia on Love Island

Liv’s mum Jenny tells the Daily Star: ‘She was asked to appear on Love Island last year. But she was only six months after ending a long relationship and she wasn’t in the right frame of mind.

‘I think that was the right decision. I think she wants a showbiz career and I think she’s well suited to it.’

While some viewers may be shocked to learn this, it’s actually a pretty normal procedure for reality shows such as Love Island.

And Liv wasn’t the only Islander found in this way. Both Jonny Mitchell and Steve Ball – who had a brief stint in the villa when the cast were divided into two houses – were reportedly cast without applying.

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It’s thought that Jonny, 26, was spotted on Instagram after posting numerous photos of his lavish lifestyle, and Steve, 25, was discovered while holidaying in Magaluf.

Whatever your thoughts on the situation are, it’s safe to say that Olivia’s brought a whole lot of dramz to this year’s series.

Jenny has previously spoken about speculation that her daughter’s playing a ‘game’, telling Lorraine: ‘People are saying she went in for the prize money… well if she did then she’s not playing a clever game, is she?


Olivia’s mum and sister chatted to Lorraine Kelly earlier this week

‘If that was the case then you would just go in and couple up and then keep your head down ’til the end. She hasn’t been doing that.

‘She’s not playing a game but it is well edited. They are putting together a wonderful show and it’s fantastic so I’m not criticising that.

‘She’s one of the kindest people I know and it’s not coming across, so that’s upsetting.’

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