Olivia Confronts Stormzy As He Makes Guest Appearance On Love Island


During last night’s Love Island we were treated to a guest appearance from Stormzy.

The Grime artist took the time to dial in for a video call with the boys, offering them tips on how to improve their rapping skills ready for the night’s talent show.

And it’s safe to say that RUN KMC were pretty excited…

‘Oh my days! Oh my days! What the f***?!’, said Kem, who just couldn’t believe it.

‘Obviously Stormzy is a big name, but we’re also a big name so it’s just like seeing a friend,’ he discussed in the Beach Hut.

‘He’s a fan of us and we’re a fan of him and we share the love,’ agreed fellow ‘rap artist’ Chris.

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Stormzy addressed the lads on their performance: ‘I came to give you some advice about the raps…’

‘You feeling it?’ asked Chris.

‘Yeah I’m feeling it,’ the grime artist replied, ‘but do you know what, you can’t use your phones – that’s the only thing.’

‘Mate, sometimes you need your phone!’ Kem protested.

Meanwhile in the bedroom, Olivia Attwood and Amber Davies overheard the conversation from the practice room.

During a former challenge Olivia had discovered that Stormzy had tweeted his feelings about her relationship with Chris. In the famous tweet, Stormzy had declared that Chris was too good for Liv, so it’s not really surprising that she looked pretty unsettled to hear his voice echoing through the villa.

‘Is that Stormzy?’ she whispered to Amber.


Joining the rest of the gang in front of the FaceTime call, Liv approached the screen: ‘Oh hey, babe!’

Laughing with his head in his hands, Stormzy seemed to find the awkward moment pretty funny.

He laughed: ‘Yo, Liv! Ahh… Oi Liv, no hard feelings man, no hard feelings!’

‘Think he was a little bit awkward to see me, just a touch,’ Liv later said in the Beach Hut.

Back to business, Stormzy addressed the whole gang: ‘So I’ve got to give you lot some advice for the talent show, boys you lot can’t have your phones in your hands.’

‘We’re going to lose the phones, we’ll smash it, we’ll give you a shout out… Oi, my heads gone,’ a starstruck Chris responded.

‘You lot just got to get out there and kill it, that’s it, that’s all I can say,’ Stormzy waved goodbye to the islanders.

And viewers were just as excited at Stormzy’s appearance, with many Tweeting that it was one of their favourite moments of the series:

‘stormzy appearing on love island then kem and chris spitting mad bars is the best television i’ve ever seen [sic],’ one fan praised, and another agreed: ‘The best thing to ever happen to love island this year was bringing in stormzy.’

That moment when @stormzyofficial stormz the villa… #LoveIsland

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‘Honestly I’d pay to see Chris and stormzy couple up,’ a hopeful viewer shared.

Well played, producers!

Now we’ll just keep our fingers crossed for a RUN KMC and Stormzy collaboration when the lads leave the villa…

By Emily Jefferies