Are Olivia Attwood And Chris Hughes About To Split On Love Island?

Things don't look good in a teaser for tonight's episode...

Nooo. Are we about to see the end of Chris and Olivia on Love Island…?

In a teaser for tonight’s episode, we see what looks like a very tense conversation between the pair.

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Olivia on Love Island

Speaking on their bed, Olivia tells Chris: ‘You don’t get me, you never will get me. I’m trying to force something that isn’t there, it’s not.

‘[I’m] trying make something work that really in real life would not work.’

Chris looks dumbfounded, but another clip shows him crying and wiping away tears as he admits: ‘It ain’t easy for me, you know that.’

Chris on Love Island

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So what’s changed between the pair? Well, some have speculated that it could have something to do with Olivia’s date with new boy Theo Campbell yesterday.

Olivia labelled Chris ‘immature’ when he said he wasn’t jealous. And is there a chance her head has been turned by the hunky Team GB athlete…?

Olivia and Theo on Love Island

Olivia went on a date with new boy Theo last night

Whatever the case, it’s safe to say that viewers aren’t particularly happy with the 26-year-old.

One Tweeted: ‘I feel like Olivia is playing mind games with me never mind poor Chris 😳 #LoveIsland,’ while another wrote: ‘Liv is doing my head in now. Either wants Chris or doesn’t. Personally he is too good for her anyway. She just wants air time. #LoveIsland [sic].’

Others said: ‘Maybe Chris just trusts the relationship Olivia, he shouldn’t have to chase you every five minutes 😂 #loveisland,’ and: ‘Still can’t believe olivia calling Chris immature because he wasn’t jealous or acting childish when she went on her date #loveisland [sic].’

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