Olivia Buckland Shares A Cheeky Secret On Snapchat

Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen are still going strong. And we couldn’t be happier about it.

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We’re not ashamed to admit to a little social media stalking every once in a while, and Liv’s latest Snapchat story sure had us giggling.



Now, it’s no secret that both Olivia and Alex LOVE a tattoo. So what better way to spend a bonding sesh than taking a couple’s trip to the tatt shop, right? EXACTLY.

Don’t get too excited, because they didn’t get a dedicated inking for one another. Sob.

But Oliv’ decided to do something pretty brave, and Alex’s reaction was hilarious…



Speaking to camera, she explained, ‘So yesterday I was down in Brum with Alex. And I fancied going to the tattoo shop…’


The Love Island lady must have known what we’d all be thinking, as she clarified, ‘Right let’s just get this straight, I didn’t get Alex’s name tattooed on me.

‘But i did do something my mum probably isn’t gonna like.’

We’re listening…

Olivia then said, ‘Sooo, I kinda got both my nipples pierced.’

Both? OUCH.

She joked, ‘Alex found it more disturbing than me.’



Olivia finished, ‘Obviously I can’t show you. But it hurt. It happened. And Alex was a little bit sick after…’

Poor lamb. We bet he’ll love it eventually, Liv.