Love Island’s Olivia Buckland And Alex Bowen Slam Chris Hughes

These two really aren't fans of the Cheltenham lad...

Former Love Island couple and soon-to-be-married Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen have given their opinions on the latest drama from the show… And, as always, they’re not holding back.

Slamming cocky Chris, Alex raged to MTV: ‘Chris, and “everyone fancies him”… Just shut up, mate. You’re an absolutely biscuit. Ugh, I hate him. He does my head in.’

At least he’s honest, eh?

Fiancรฉe Olivia responded: ‘He fancies Olivia now, doesn’t he? He’s fancied everyone and now he thinks everyone fancies him, I’m so confused. I think he wants to be the player in the house.’

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But her beau explained that wasn’t the way to be in the villa: ‘Yeah but that’s not going to work because it’s Love Island so you’ve got to be in a couple to stay. People see right through him and he’ll get the boot, which hopefully he does because I want to see him gone.’

When addressing Chris and Chloe’s failed romance, Olivia said: ‘Chloe’s not my favourite person, and a lot of people would say she deserved it because of karma, but I still don’t believe that Chris should’ve disrespected her like that and the way he speaks to women is just disgusting, anyway.’

Alex chipped in: ‘Let’s put it into perspective, he talks like an absolute melon: “I’m like a polar bear”… A f***ing polar bear?!’

Olivia replied: ‘I think the way he’s trying to play the game is he’s trying to be too funny and he’s trying to make people laugh but he’s got no crack.’

Chris Hughes

Love Island viewers have turned on Chris Hughes after his recent behaviour on the show

Alex agreed: ‘Yeah he’s got no crack whatsoever, he should be on Dinner Date or something, not Love Island. Mug.’ Eep.

Olivia also didn’t hold back when addressing 2017 Liv’s behaviour: ‘So Olivia and Sam are obviously now kaput, the Love Island bug has just got in there. It’s crawled into her ear and took over her brain and now she’s psycho.

‘She needs to just get it out, she needs a veterinary surgeon.’

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About the entire group, she continued: ‘They’re all not able to keep up their game of these fake personalities and now we’re seeing the real Islanders and now it’s going to get juicy.’

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Alex went on to stand up for Hertfordshire student Montana: ‘The beef between Olivia and Monts… I feel really sorry for her. Montana just wanted to have her say, didn’t she?’

‘I think Montana was being a bit like Marcel, they were just trying to be the peacemakers,’ agreed Olivia.

For the new, controversial couple Chris and Olivia, Miss Buckland had little hope: ‘I don’t think him and Olivia are going to last,’ she said.

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By Emily Jefferies