Why Has Olivia Bentley Been Suspended From Made In Chelsea?

Olivia Bentley has been suspended from the E4 show after a video surfaces that could damage her position on MIC...

One of the Made in Chelsea stars has been suspended from the show, it’s been confirmed.

A spokesperson for the show has released a statement to Mail Online stating that feisty blonde Olivia Bentley has been temporarily banned from the show.

‘Olivia has been suspended from the show pending an investigation’, the statement reads.

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The 22-year-old was caught up in a scandal earlier this week when a video was leaked to The Sun allegedly showing Olivia taking illegal substances.

In the clip, the MIC star is seen telling a group of friends around the table: ‘I’m on a TV show so people write s*** all the time.’

‘I quite like reading the articles,’ Olivia adds.

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The video, which is thought to have been captured after a night out in Chelsea’s DSTRKT nightclub, is said to be why Olivia is currently under investigation, and has been suspended from the show.

There’s been no word from Olivia since the footage emerged, however, she did take to Twitter yesterday to address accusations that she’s been fibbing about her connection to Bentley Motors.

Producers had said that Olivia was a direct descendant of W. O. Bentley, the man who founded Bentley Motors, but this has since been denied by his step-grandson Miles Hutton, who says that W.O. Bentley doesn’t have any children.

‘She was probably hoping nobody would take any notice’, Hutton told Mail Online.

‘But W.O. Bentley was Grandpa to us, and we are very proud of what he achieved. We don’t like to see his name taken in vain.’

But Liv hit back by posting a comment from a Mail Online user defending her, writing in reply: ‘Thank you!’.