Olivia Attwood Reveals Plans To Take A Pregnancy Test

What is going on here?!

Fans began speculating recently that Love Island‘s Olivia was pregnant with her first child when some followers thought they spotted a bump after the star posted snaps of herself and her beau Chris Hughes from Ascot earlier this week.

We thought Liv’s figure looked as incredible as ever, but many eagle-eyed fans were convinced that Liv could be hiding a big secret.

The rumours began spreading and soon even Olivia’s family were being forced to speak out when her little brother Max commented on the post: ‘Lol ya’ll mad for thinking she’s pregnant, knowing Liv she probably necked a nugget share box to her self before she went to the races that’s all. [sic]’

Olivia Attwood met boyfriend Chris Hughes on this year’s serious of Love Island

P.S. Was that possibly the best shut down to a pregnancy rumour EVER?

But now, Liv has spoken out on Instagram and revealed that she may actually take a pregnancy test to see if the fans are right, and she seems pretty spooked…

In the early hours of this morning (26 October) the 26 year old shared multiple messages alongside snaps of herself with various cute bear filters.

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The reality star began by confessing: ‘You guys have me shook. Feel like I want to take a pregnancy test tomorrow.’

Olivia and Chris on Love Island

Liv and Chris named their Love Island plastic baby ‘Cash Hughes’…


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‘Your messing with my head people,’ she went on to admit, before beginning to even discuss baby names…

Yep, we can’t believe it either.

‘Can you call a girl Cash?’ she joked, before adding: ‘I do what I want. So I’m gunna [sic]’

Hmm.. Well it looks like we’re going to be left eagerly waiting for any updates!