Love Island’s Olivia’s Mum Talks About Her ‘Game-Playing’ On Lorraine

And what she REALLY thinks of Chris...

Olivia Attwood’s family have spoken out about her antics in the Love Island villa.

The 26-year-old’s mum Jennifer and sister Georgia appeared on Lorraine earlier today, where they insisted that she isn’t playing a game.

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Olivia’s mum and sister chatted to Lorraine Kelly this morning

Sticking up for her daughter, Jennifer said: ‘People are saying she went in for the prize money… well if she did then she’s not playing a clever game, is she?

‘If that was the case then you would just go in and couple up and then keep your head down ’til the end. She hasn’t been doing that.

‘It’s been difficult to watch her. She’s not had a smooth ride, let’s say. She’s not the girl I know.

‘She’s not playing a game but it is well edited. They are putting together a wonderful show and it’s fantastic so I’m not criticising that.

‘She’s one of the kindest people I know and it’s not coming across, so that’s upsetting.’


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The pair also spoke about Olivia’s romance with co-star Chris Hughes, which is now OFFICIAL, people.

Liv and Chris sealed the deal by getting frisky under the sheets over the weekend – before Liv asked Chris to ask her to be his girlfriend (confusing, but basically they’re LEGIT).

Talking about seeing her daughter have sex on TV, Jennifer continued: ‘Her and Chris have been on a roller-coaster of a relationship in there. They are actually one of the last ones to do anything physical.

Olivia told Chris she wanted to be his girlfriend in last night’s episode

‘It was bound to happen at some point if they stayed together. It’s natural!

‘She’s 26, it’s going to happen. They’ve been in there a long time. There’s a spark there, I read her body language and there is something real there.’

And she’s definitely a fan of Chris, 24, adding: ‘I think he’s lovely and he’s absolutely charming. He is a fantastic role model for young boys and young men. I’d be delighted when she brings him home.’

Aw. Let’s hope they can last the final week without splitting, eh?