Fans Are Divided By Olivia Attwood After Her Split With Chris Hughes

The Love Island lady had an explosive row with Chris Hughes. And Twitter reacted accordingly...

Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes’ tumultuous relationship came to a head in Wednesday night’s episode of Love Island, when viewers tuned in to watch the 26-year-old blonde call time on their romance.

Following the announcement of the public’s popularity vote, and finding out that she was in the bottom four, Liv decided that Chris was bringing out the worst aspects of her personality and told him that they should ‘sack it off.’

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The next morning, Olivia could be seen crawling onto the sofa next to him – looking for a cuddle? – and then attempting to explain to him that she had been too rash in her decision.

After a heart-wrenching conversation in the bedroom, which showed Chris seemingly coming to the realisation that they just weren’t going to be right for one another, Olivia admitted that she still had feelings for him.

The former Monster model sought some advice from ‘wise’ Jamie Jewitt and his partner Camilla, which seemed to give her something of an ‘epiphany’ about her behaviour.

She later told the Beach Hut camera: ‘Don’t know if I’ve done too much damage to repair.’

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Olivia later explained to Chris: ‘I let yesterday get the better of me. You don’t deserve it. I’m sorry but I don’t understand why you have to be like this about it. The amount of things you’ve said about me and I’ve been understanding.’

He replied: ‘Don’t think you need to apologise to me. I’m obviously miserable about the situation but that’s just natural.’

The discussion soon turned into a full blown row, with Olivia attempting to fix things and Chris standing his ground by accepting that their relationship was plagued by ‘issues’ and ultimately they were ‘not right for each other.’

It escalated into a very shouty conversation, which – of course – sparked a fierce reaction on social media.

Others, however, just saw a girl that was hurting and struggling to express herself.

One tweet read: ‘Most people see a bitch when they see olivia, I see a girl whose been badly hurt in the past and is trying to protect herself #LoveIsland’.

In fact, Olivia herself confessed to the cameras: ‘I’m affected by my past relationship more that I thought I was. Being here has shone a light on it…’

Now that Mike Thalassitis has re-entered the villa, everything could change.

This is a recipe for disaster… bring on tomorrow night! 🙌 😏 #LoveIsland

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The final moments of last night’s episode saw a wary Chris stating that Olivia might try to make him feel jealous, and Olivia telling the girls that her head was ‘gone’.

What’s going to happen next?!

You know the drill. Love Island will be back tonight at 9pm.