Exclusive! Love Island’s Olivia Attwood Tells Us How To Deal With A F**k Boy

We've already started putting some of Liv's advice into action, TBH

In the words of Love Island’s Olivia Attwood, a f**k boy ‘promises you the world with no intention of even buying you a McDonald’s’.

Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

We caught up with the 26-year-old reality star at the launch of her new Olivia Loves In The Style collection and got her top tips for detecting bad boys…

Olivia Attwood

1. He regularly goes off grid…

‘If they’ve got a private Instagram page, or privacy settings so you can’t see when they’ve read your WhatsApp messages, or a phone that’s always turned screen-down – you’ve probably found yourself a f**k boy.’

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2. He disappears

‘Taming a f**k boy isn’t impossible, but you could end up wasting the good years of your life. Some will grow up, but a lot of the time they’re just waiting to meet their match. Others will get to 50 and still be a f**k boy.’

It looks like Liv has found her Prince Charming in Chris Hughes…

3. He ignores your messages

‘There’s a fine line between not taking his shit and being a psycho. Give him the benefit of the doubt, but if it’s a recurring problem he’s probably with another girl. Get on with your life.’

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4. He won’’t commit

‘Text him: “Where are we going?” and if the answer is: “I don’t know,” or: “We’ll see,” then swerve him. That behaviour is gross. Some guys aren’t very proactive, but it’s not sexy that he hasn’t planned anything.’

Olivia got herself in a spot of bother with the ‘d**ksand’ on Love Island…

5. He won’’t commit (again)

‘Run for the hills. If you’re more than happy for it to be relaxed, then cool. But if not, run.’

6. He’’s messaging other girls

‘There’s no need to key his car. Just let this one go. He’s clearly an idiot and you’re clearly amazing. Go find yourself a Chris instead.’

We could all probably learn something from the f**k boy whisperer, eh?

By Emily Jefferies