Olivia Attwood Has Revealed Cosmetic Surgery Plans After Being Body-Shamed

The Love Island lady has been subject to some very unfair body-shaming.

We love nothing more than ladies speaking out, loud and proud, about body confidence.

And so we were very upset to hear that Love Island‘s Olivia Attwood has found herself subject to some very unfair scrutiny surrounding her physical appearance – and has now been forced to hit back at body-shaming trolls.

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So much so, in fact, that the 26-year-old has even spoken out about her plans for a second breast augmentation, after being unfairly criticised her current cosmetic work.

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Taking to social media to address the conversation surrounding her look, Liv wrote: ‘Guuuyyss I knoww my boobs are very big for my frame. It’s something I did when I was very young and I thought I knew best… [sic]’.

Liv then followed this up with a much more strongly-worded message, explaining that she is going to undergo another procedure to alter this: ‘Why am I explaining myself to the few w**kers that have piped upย  but MOT is happening soon. I have put it off for a long time’.

Fans have been very quick to reply to Liv’s messages surrounding her body image. One user wrote: ‘You look amazing. Donโ€™t let anyone tell you different’.

Another shared: ‘Don’t ever regret your decisions. If people criticise you, that usually comes from a place of envy. Their problem, not yours! You’re very lovely so just be who you are’.

Whilst we agree that Liv should never have had to publicly address this to begin with, with think her beau Chris Hughes put it best…

Replying to Liv’s messages, Chris simply said: ‘F*** what people think. Be you. That’s who true people love’.

We think Liv looks amazing just the way she is, and it’s very unfair that she’s been forced to speak out about such unnecessary criticism surrounding her body image.

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By Alice Perry