Olivia Attwood Speaks Out Following Her Split With Chris Hughes

The Love Island lady has spoken out for the first time since reports of her break-up...

By Naomi Bartram 

This article originally appeared on CelebsNow

We had high hopes for Love Island‘s fiery couple Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes.

They may have spent most of their time in the villa arguing but hey, they had a kid together… Well, a fake one anyway.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be and after months of ups and downs, the former couple have decided to go their separate ways.

And following the sad news, 26-year-old Olivia has now opened up about it for the first time, claiming her ex forced her to film the break-up for their new reality TV show Crackin’ On.

Appearing on Loose Women, the emotional star said: ‘Over the weekend Chris made the decision that he wanted to leave the relationship.’

Tearing up alongside the show’s panelists – Andrea McLean, Linda Robson, Stacey Solomon and Nadia Sawalha – the blonde beauty admitted she wasn’t happy for the ‘raw moment’ of seeing Chris for the first time since he dumped her on the phone to be captured on camera.

‘He wanted me to drive to the house’, she said.

‘It was real and that was the first time I’d seen him. Obviously I’m not going to be able to watch it.

‘It was horrendous to live it. I wanted to wait until the cameras were gone and be with Chris on our own.’

Chris and Olivia met on Love Island

The reality star was then asked why their relationship ended, to which she confessed THOSE Katie Price texts ‘were one of the reasons’, before revealing her drunken tweets pushed Chris over the edge.

‘I went out the week before and I had a few drinks before and I sent some stupid tweets’, she said.

‘One of them was my ex-boyfriend, which obviously is, like, distasteful and it’s not funny. It’s one of those things when you’re out with the girls, I thought it was funny and it’s not funny.’

Before adding: ‘I feel a bit abandoned, I feel like it was a stupid thing to do.’

However, it looks like not all hope is lost, as the LW ladies read out a letter from Chris to Olivia where he said how much he’d enjoyed their time together and how special she is…

Break-ups are hard, and we’re sending the LI lady our love at this difficult time.