13 Toys We Totally Loved In The ’90s And ’00s

Bratz are back. It’s official. 

Remember those sassy dolls that totally dressed edgier than us? Well, they’ve had a 2015 makeover. Which means three very important additions: enter the iPhone (with a snazzy case, obvs), emojis (standard) and a selfie stick.

The original Bratz, launched in 2001

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Representing the new social media-enthused digital era, these new dolls – all relaunched models of the original foursome – boast their own app and a YouTube channel. Pretty cool, eh?

This has inspired us to look back over some of our other favourite toys that we used to love back in the ’90s and ’00s.

Because, nostalgia. 

1. Furby


They too underwent a post-Millenium makeover. But we have fond memories of these little fuzzy critters having random outbursts. 

Ever tried to teach them a naughty word? Just us then… 

2. Alien Eggs



This little guy left us confused for years. Remember that myth about rubbing their backs together to make little alien babies? There was always one kid that swore he’d made it happen… 

3. Tamagotchi 



Leaving them in the care of your ‘rents when you went to school so they wouldn’t die. I’m sure they loved that. 

4. Trolls 



Looking back on these now, they were super creepy. Right? 

5. Polly Pocket 



We don’t know about you, but we were obsessed with our little plastic villages. 

6. Pokemon 



We’ll trade you our juice carton for your shiny Charizard?

7. Sylvanian Families



The mini cutlery sets and teapots were the cutest. 

8. Baby Born 



There was always one poor girl whose parents wouldn’t buy them one (AKA me). 

9. The Magic Wriggling Worm 



Hours of fun. Kids these days don’t know what they’re missing. 

10. Beanie Babies 



And, of course, the Teenie Beanies from the McDonald’s Happy Meal. Sigh. 

11. Boondoggles



Is that what these are called? The amount you stacked on your wrist was directly related to your coolness factor. 

12. Mr Frosty 



Slush Puppie, eat your heart out. 

13. Dream Phone



The ultimate sleepover game. 

By Laura Jane Turner