The Surprise Reason I’m A Celebrity’s Ola Jordan Battles With Body Confidence

Sadly, Ola Jordan's husband has revealed that the Strictly professional has been battling with body issues since being a teen...

Here at LOOK, we’re very strong believers in every body shape being beautiful.

So when we heard that Strictly Come Dancing‘s Ola Jordan, who’s currently taking part in I‘m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, has been struggling with her body confidence, we couldn’t help but feel incredibly sad.

And whilst it would be very easy to assume that Ola would be pretty self-assured, due to her performance background,  it turns out the professional dancer has a few hang-ups like the rest of us!

Ola’s husband, fellow professional dancer James Jordan, has shared with New! magazine that his wife has battled body image issues since being a teen.

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James shares that Ola has ‘always struggled with her weight’- explaining that due to a slow metabolism ‘she can look at food and put on weight’.

Ola herself recently opened up about her body image- sharing ‘I am not the most confident girl in the world’, adding ‘People say, “Oh, you dance in skimpy costumes in Strictly so you must be confident”‘.

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Ola then added, ‘But I’m not. I was always a confident dancer, but I’m not necessarily confident when the body is concerned.’

Ola, you should most definitely stop stressing- we think you look amazing!

Before entering the jungle, Ola had shared some insight with The Sun over her childhood in Poland- explaining that the hardships of her youth had made her strong enough to battle anything the Jungle could throw at her.

Ola shares, ‘Life in Poland was difficult but it made me the person I am today’ adding, ‘when I was young we would have to queue for meat, milk and bread at four in the morning’.

It was during the tough times that Ola had found her passion for dancing. The Strictly professional shares, ‘I was ten when I started dancing and I fell in love with it’.

We’re more than excited to see what else the gorgeous Ola brings to the jungle.

Alice Perry