Is Your Mobile Phone Bill About To Get More Expensive?

If you struggle with keeping your mobile phone bill down as it is, we’ve got some bad news for you.

As we’ve all seen in the news this morning, O2 and Three are planning a merger – and it spells bad news for our phone bills.

The chief of Ofcom, Sharon White, has warned that because the two network providers are joining forces, this means that the mobile market could become less competitive, meaning they will no longer need to fight it out to offer us low-cost deals.


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emily ratajkowski on her phone Thanks, mobile network providers.


White states that the hook-up would mean that the new company would control two in every five mobile phones, with the number of networks coming in at just three – EE and Vodaphone being the other two.

‘We are concerned that the smallest mobile network, Three, proposes to become the biggest by acquiring its rival O2’, she wrote in the Financial Times.

A case has now been made to the European Commission to investigate the issue, we hear, so all is not lost just yet. Still, our pursestrings are still pretty scared at the thought of our bills getting higher every month. 

‘While the merger is reviewed, Ofcom will keep working to promote healthy rivalry between operators. We want UK consumers and businesses to enjoy fair mobile prices and cutting-edge products for years to come’, White added. 

‘For that we need strong competition: the basis of protection and the incentive to progress.’