Not Face: The Look You Didn’t Realise You Were Pulling

Say hello to the Not Face. We’re almost 100% certain you’ve been pulling it, but you probably had no idea.

Perhaps you’d just heard a politician say something you disagreed with on Question Time, or maybe you’d been fed a chat-up line you were not impressed with.

Your lips will have pressed, your chin will have raised and your brow will have furrowed. And that, people, is the Not Face.



It was the clever researchers from Ohio State University who identified this expression. It basically boils down to the statement ‘I do not agree’.

Y’know when you just feel like you canNOT? Yep, that’s it. It’s annoyed, and almost expressionless.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite expressionless. So while you probably think you’re keeping your feelings to yourself, your face is actually giving it all away.



As researcher Aleix Martinez explains: ‘Most expressions don’t stand out as much as the Not Face.’

This is probably why the look is so prevalent in selfies, which is something we’re only just noticing now it has a name.

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Feeling a little let down by how your photos are turning out? It may be a good idea to take a quick break, to ensure the Not Face doesn’t make a sneaky appearance in your snaps.

As well as this, it’s also universal.

The study – which was published in the journal Cognition – says that the look is the same for native speakers of English, Spanish, Mandarin, and American Sign Language (ASL).



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Interestingly, it also proves that ASL speakers often make the face in place of actually signing the word ‘not’.

So there you have it. Now you know what it is, we bet you’re going to see it EVERYWHERE.