Harry Potter Fans Are Pretty Upset About This Big Change

All eyes are on J. K. Rowling and the world of Harry Potter again (as if they ever left, right?) as the buzz builds around Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

Yes, we can hardly control our excitement either.

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Entertainment Weekly have been providing us with juicy pieces of information from the film’s set, which just so happens to include some major modifications to the wizarding world we’ve come to know and love.

One of these whispers has caused an absolute stir amongst Potter fans, with many of them taking to Twitter to share their feelings towards the changes.

So, what’s got everyone in a tizz?


Apparently, American wizards don’t use the term ‘muggle’ to describe non-magic folk.

Nope, they’re called ‘no-maj’, meaning ‘no magic’, obviously.  


Whilst this may make sense, and we expect a variety of everyday slang to come from different corners of the globe, this is something that will be hard to accept. 

One tweeter declared: ‘No-Maj sounds weird. I’ma stick with Muggle, thanks, Rowls’.

Another, who happens to reside in the United States, wrote: ‘No-Maj? I can’t. I won’t. @jk_rowling’.

Some were a little more accepting, with one user writing: ‘No-Maj makes sense and I like it but “Muggle” is so iconic it seems a shame to take it away’.

We’re just not sure what to believe anymore.