Nicole Scherzinger: The X Factor Is Not Fixed!

When viewers questioned whether the theme of the show really was down to chance, X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger stepped in to reassure them

It’s not like people claiming the X Factor is fixed is a new thing.

But such has been the anger from fans this year after the new voting rules were revealed, that Nicole Scherzinger felt the need to assure us all that it’s all real.

Dermot O’Leary revealed on last weekend’s show on 22 October that voting lines would open at the start of the show – before the acts had even sung – leading some viewers to claim this put the acts who performed first at an unfair advantage.

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On the results show the following night, the wheel was spun to decide the theme for the next show. When it landed on Fright Night, people thought it was a bit too much of a coincidence, as the show is on Halloween weekend.

Speaking to The Sun, Nicole said that it can’t be fixed because she isn’t allowed to pick her songs until the wheel has been spun.

“I genuinely think that it’s not fixed because I know every week I can’t pick my songs until we know what theme we’re doing,” she said.

“I think it’s perfect. I think it’s meant to be. It’s fricking Fright Night. No one wants Fright Night around Christmas time or Thanksgiving.”

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Well, she does have a point there, but we still can’t help wondering if it’s going to land on Winter Wonderland as soon as December comes.

In the same interview, she said that even Simon Cowell admitted to his fellow judges that it looked a bit suspicious.

But then again, what would the X Factor be if it didn’t give us all something to talk about?