Nicole Scherzinger Talks to LOOK About World’s First ‘Tweet’ Dress

Nicole Scherzinger stepped out in the world’s first ‘tweet’ dress this week. 

We all love a new party dress – and we all love Twitter – so what happens when you combine the two? Enter Nicole wearing the world’s first tweet dress…yes, you heard right! A dress that displays your tweets in LED lights as you receive them…OMG!

The dress was made by London based Cutecircuit, at the launch of EE – Britain’s new superfast 4G mobile network. Nicole looked super hot as she performed at the event at Battersea Power Station. 

Our personal highlight of the night, other than dancing to ‘Don’t Cha’, was when her amazing dress was lit up by a tweet from yours truly @lookmagazine!

We even got a quick two-minute chat with the gorgeous X Factor judge…

LOOK: So who of your boys will win?

Nicole: How can you ask somebody to choose between their babies? They’re all completely different contestants, and so, they’re all still in the running.

LOOK: Do you really think Rylan could win?

Nicole: Why not? He’s got a lot of believers, and I think even Gary Barlow is warming to him and it doesn’t hurt to have Robbie Williams on our side.

LOOK: Is X Factor more work than you thought it was going to be?

Nicole: No. I did The X Factor USA with Simon Cowell, so I know! 

LOOK: If Simon could tweet anything to that dress, what would it be? 

Nicole: There’s my tiger! 

LOOK: If you were to tweet yourself what would you say?

Nicole: You rock.

LOOK: How do you decide what songs the boys will sing?

I have a team at X Factor I work with and I’m on the internet all the time. I’m always thinking of new songs.

LOOK: Do you keep in touch with the other Pussycat Dolls?

Nicole: Yeah I keep in touch with them. I’m always happy when I see them.  

LOOK: Can we expect a new album soon?

Nicole: My album’s actually finished. I finished it before I started the show – but I’m so involved in the show. I know the single already, it’s going to come out really soon. DB