Nicole Scherzinger Addresses Outrage Over ‘Not Wearing A Poppy’ On The X Factor

The lady has explained the reason behind the controversy....

Over the weekend, X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger found herself subject to much scrutiny, sparking controversy amongst viewers with what she was wearing.

Whilst her fellow judges, host Dermot O’Leary and the contestants of the competition all sported a red poppy, Nicole’s appeared to be missing from her outfit.

This sparked a pretty powerful reaction from The X Factor audience, with many taking to social media to share their feelings.

Many, it seems, felt that it was wrong for Nicole not to have popped a Poppy onto her outfit before the live broadcast.

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One user shared, ‘Why isn’t Nicole wearing a poppy???? I know she’s not British but come on ya on a British show very disrespectful I must say [sic]’.

Another shared, ‘Why is Nicole not wearing a poppy on X Factor??? Find it disrespectful’.

However, later in the show Nicole appeared back on screen with a Poppy securely fastened to her chest.


Now, the former Pussycat Doll has spoken out about the controversy – revealing the reason it hadn’t appeared until later in the show.

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In a Tweet shared with her followers, the 39-year-old replied to a now-deleted Tweet commenting on the outrage.

Nicole writes that it had simply been a pre-show wardrobe mishap, instead of a conscious decision. She wrote: ‘I’m always late, it fell off running to stage and replaced it as soon we could! i have the upmost respect for everything it stands for!’

Following this message up, Nicole then drew attention to the fact that she had been dressed as a ‘giant poppy’ for the Sunday show of the weekend.

Sharing a snap of her Poppy get up on social media, Nicole said: ‘Double trouble #LatinaWeek on #XFactor’.

Double trouble #LatinaWeek on #XFactor

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So that clears that one up.

X Factor returns to our screen on Saturday night. And we can’t wait.

By Alice Perry