Nicole Scherzinger Pays A Visit To Asda – See The Pics!

Nicole Scherzinger visited an Asda store yesterday, making an unusual style statement in the supermarket’s bright green and black uniform. 

For a moment we thought she’d quit her job as an X Factor judge to label yoghurts in Asda – then we wondered if it was just a silly Halloween costume… until we saw her contestant Jahmene Douglas and everything fell into place. 

Nicole was visiting Jahmene’s former workplace in Leyton in an attempt to see how his life has changed since he joined the show, and drum up support for her act.

The pictures have made Nicole our new favourite celebrity, for getting right into he spirit. During her visit to the store, Nicole dressed up in a pair of black jeans, a lime green shirt and a green and black fleece, complete with her own name badge. 

She then took some time to label some £1 yoghurts and even smiled for the cameras, slapping her rear to recreate Asda’s famous trademark pose.

Amazing. We wonder if she picked up some bargains for Lewis’ tea… RM