Nicole Scherzinger: The REAL Reason She’s Quitting X Factor

Nicole Scherzinger will quit the X Factor after 2013, revealing new plans to rebuild her relationship with former-flame Lewis Hamilton, according to reports.

It looks like Scherzy was feeling particularly smooshy when she made the big decision to leave the ITV show, with plans to focus more time on her love life. YAY.

After meeting up for secret reunion talks with Lewis last week, it’s thought Nicole is dead set on rekindling her romance with the British Formula One racing driver.

‘Nicole and Lewis spent a long time talking while he was at his parents house for the past few days,’ a source told omg! Yahoo.

“Their main problem is the push-pull between their careers and it had been impossible to see each other enough unless one of them relaxes their grip on their commitments.

Nicole has agreed this will be her last X Factor and she feels that it’s a big step towards making their relationship work.’

The couple split in June after work commitments took their toll *sob*, but it looks like Scherzy isn’t giving up on things just yet.

‘Neither of them want to go through the raw hurt all over again so it’s got to be a better situation before they say, ‘yes we’re back together again,’ the source added. ‘Nicole’s giving a lot more than Lewis at the moment and relaxing her grip on her career with X Factor.

‘But things are definitely on the table and they’re trying to come back together again without the same issues pulling them apart.’

Meanwhile, Nicole has been hanging out in Greggs with X Factor‘s Hannah Barrett, where the pair stopped for sausage rolls and some emosh filming for this weekend’s live show. Amazing!

By Jessica Bridgeman

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