Nicole Scherzinger Finally Talks About THOSE Chris Brown Pictures

Nicole Scherzinger has spoken for the first time about intimate pictures that were taken of her and Chris Brown in a nightclub.

The X Factor judge insists that the pictures are not what they seemed and that the pair were just talking. Pictures emerged of the showbiz pals talking into each other’s ears ina¬† noisy club earlier this month. Some even claimed that the photographs showed Nicole and Chris “kissing”.

Nicole told The Sun: “You are always going to have people saying something or having a picture. But it is complete dross if you and your partner know what the truth is. Chris Brown and I are definitely just mates. I have known him since he was younger than 16.

“We were just talking. Even my mum said, ‘I saw a picture of you’. It’s the same when Lewis [Hamilton] had some random girls sitting in the lobby.”

Back in July, Lewis was accused of taking a group of girls back to his hotel room while he was staying in London.

Nicole adds: “Can’t girls just be sitting in the lobby? Maybe they were going to the same party.

“Every relationship has its things and you work it out. We made it last for four years so far, so it definitely makes things interesting and challenging.”

You tell ’em, Nicole. RM