Nicole Scherzinger Hits Back And Addresses Those Age Rumours

The singer has put Louis Walsh in his place...

Former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger has hit back after fellow The X Factor judge Louis Walsh accused her of lying about her age.

Ahead of the 2017 series launch this Saturday (2 September) the Irishman revealed Nicole hadn’t been entirely truthful about her birthday…

Talking to Heat magazine, Louis discussed the singer: ‘She ticks every box. She may be out really late the night before filming but she’s still on it. It’s great that she can still do all of it at her age. Nobody knows what age she is, but she’s older than she says she is.’

Uh-oh, tut-tut Louis…

So it’s no surprise that when Louis suggested the brunette beauty was much older than 39, she spoke out insisting that it was in fact Louis who was the liar: ‘I wish I was lying about my age, I have never lied about my age. I should have started lying a long time ago.’

Hitting back at her fellow judge, she had a little dig herself: ‘I’m just really grateful that Louis is still with us, really grateful.’

Ooh, we’ve missed the drama!

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But the 65-year-old defended himself adamantly: ‘I was joking.’

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However, back in 2008 Nicole found herself in a bit of hot water when it came to her age, as she publicly confessed to lying about being 28 when she was actually 30.

But the star spilled the truth and admitted she was born in June 1978 in Hawaii, which would make her 39 years old.

So we know who’s telling the truth now, eh?

A brand new series of The X Factor returns on ITV this Saturday, so make sure you don’t miss it!

By Emily Jefferies