Why Nicole Kidman’s Hand Clapping At The Oscars Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Forget the Best Picture mix up at last night's Oscars. Nicole Kidman's clapping is what EVERYONE is talking about this morning

Okay, so we know that some pretty cray shizz went down at last night’s Oscars. But, Best Picture blunder aside — ICYMI, La La Land didn’t win — probably THE best thing to happen at the 89th Academy Awards was (wait for it), Nicole Kidman’s clapping.

No, seriously. It’s pretty epic. If you haven’t seen this yet, be prepared to have your Monday 100% made.

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Cutting to an audience shot during last night’s glitzy ceremony in Los Angeles, the camera picked up on Nicole you know, having a bit of an applaud – but viewers were quick to notice that well, her whole technique was a bit weird.

Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourselves…

Seated next to husband Keith Urban, the 49-year-old Australian actress — who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Lion — looked stunning in a jewelled Armani Prive gown. But it wasn’t the gown that got Twitter talking. No. It was the clapping. And social media has gone nutso for a bit of Nicole Kidman clapping. Honestly, check your feed. Nicole has officially surpassed Winona Ryder for award ceremony gif lols.

‘SOMEONE PLEASE TEACH NICOLE KIDMAN HOW TO CLAP.’ One Twitter user ranted alongside a snap of the gesture.

‘Nicole Kidman can’t clap either why is this happening,’ one fan wrote during Nicole’s second clap failure of the night. Take a look though, did she just forget she was clapping here? Is it the hefty jewels she’s wearing?! The mind boggles.

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Another pointed out that Oscar-winning director Steve McQueen might also suffer from the same rubbish clap syndrome.

Weird isn’t it? Is it like a baby clapping? We can’t figure it out.

‘Why does Nicole Kidman clap like the Grinch?!’ Another user (rather cruelly) pointed out.

And this rather genius Twitter user simply stated:

Brilliant. Ho hum, another Oscars ceremony. Another ton of memes.

Proof once again that the internet is brilliant.