Why This CBB Housemate Nearly Quit Before Even Entering The house

Nicola McLean doesn't have the best memories of her first stay in the Celebrity Big Brother house...

In case you missed it, the brand new series of Celebrity Big BrotherĀ kicked off last night. But whilst most of the celebrities looked thrilled to be entering the world-famous house this year, one celebrity nearly didn’t make it in…

Nicola McLean, who starred on the show back in 2012, openly admitted that she was nervous to be appearing on the All Stars Vs. New Stars special once again. Which makes sense, considering she reportedly nearly pulled out of the new series entirely.


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nicola mclean

Nicole was given a chair in the ‘producers’ room upon entering the CBB house…

‘Nicola completely lost her confidence and almost backed out of CBB at the last minute. Last time she was on the show, she had an awful time with some of her housemates, and she is scared it could happen again’, a source told The Sun.

‘Everyone has fully supported her and convinced her to go back into the CBB house after the awful experience that she had in there the last time’, it added.

‘Nicola has stepped out of the public eye for the last two years after a lot of difficult personal problems.’

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According to the publication, Nicola ended up having last minute ‘crisis talks’ with her footballer husband Tom Williams just before she went in, who she famously split from back in 2014 after he cheated on her in a Las Vegas club. The pair reconciled a year later and share two sons, Striker and Rocky, together.

We’re pretty glad Nicola did decide to go into the CBB house, though – she’s already showed her feisty side with her very obvious dig at former CBB presenter Brian Dowling, who she definitely didn’t get on with back in 2012…

‘Brian Dowling was so crap and horrible to me on my exit interview, but I know you’ll be amazing!”, Nicola told new host Emma Willis before entering the house last night.

Yep, she’s definitely going to be a firecracker.