Did Nicola McLean’s Husband Just Hint That He’s Heading Into The CBB House?

After Nicola and Jamie's flirting has continued, Tom Williams has taken to social media (again)...

After surprising everyone with their drunken antics earlier this week, Nicola McLean and Jamie O’Hara seem to be continuing the flirtation. And last night, even Calum Best decided to get involved.

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In scenes that aired as part of the latest episode of the Channel 5 show, Nicola – who’s married to soccer player Tom Williams – cuddled up to her housemate Jamie under blankets in the smoking area.

To be fair, it has been abso’ freezing this week. But add this to the overly flirtatious behaviour of the other night, and certain people seem to be painting a very specific picture.

Jamie Nicola

It’s clearly playing on the model’s mind, as she and Jamie discussed it once again during last night’s show.

He told her: ‘You’re coming across amazing, you genuinely are. Seeing you on that screen today I thought… Everyone’s going to love you.’

The mum-of-two replied,  ‘Not Tom though, getting drunk and… he’ll take it as a banter?’

But Nicola didn’t really wait for a response before adding: ‘No he won’t he’ll hate me!’

Jamie jumped in: ‘He knows me he knows I’m not going to throw you under the f***ing bus.’

Calum Best clocked the whole thing, and seemed to decide to have a little fun with it.

He said, ‘[Nicola’s] got 20 more days with us. We will break this chick! Just kidding.’

Jamie once again insisted that it was all harmless, and that he has a lot of love for Nic’s husband Tom.

Calum Best

But Calum joked, ‘He won’t like you after being under the covers with his missus.’

He then decided to play on it a little bit, teasing, ‘From what I see from this angle, s*** brother!’

Nicola laughed, but jumped in: ‘No, this is fine, this is fine.’

Tom Williams, who was no doubt watching his wife from his sofa at home, took to social media following last night’s episode. He posted an animated photo of the kermit emoji, which included the words: ‘When your waiting for just 1 story to be true’ [sic].

He then captioned it: ‘But your getting more press coverage than all the housemates put together 😂’.

But your getting more press coverage than all the housemates put together 😂

A video posted by Tom Williams 3 (@tomwilliams3) on

With the revelation that three new housemates are set to enter the house tonight in a shock twist, many have been left wondering whether Tom will be heading in to confront his wife.

When one follower tweeted him simply saying ‘bro’, he responded cryptically: ‘bro these housemates aren’t ready for me 😎#notonmylevel’, further fuelling the social media rumour.


The teaser clip appeared to show the silhouette of three women, but we’ll have to tune in for tonight’s live show to see who’ll be walking through those doors…