The Sad Truth Behind Nicola McLean’s Eye Problem On CBB

It looks like the Celebrity Big Brother contestant has been hiding a health problem on Celebrity Big Brother...

Yes, we’re still talking about Nicola McLean’s eye.

The Celebrity Big Brother housemate caused a lot of confusion when viewers noticed that she was holding onto it during a heated row with Kim Woodburn. In fact, some internet users have even been making some pretty mean comments about Nicola’s apparent ‘lazy eye’.


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But now, it’s emerged that Nicola was actually suffering with a health issue before she entered the house.

According to reports, the 35-year-old could be facing emergency surgery on her eye when she finishes her time on the Channel 5 show.

Nicola was apparently diagnosed with light sensitivity before the series began, The Sun reports.

A source has alleged to the publication: ‘She can’t control her eye, it keeps going off in all different directions and wandering towards her nose – it causes her terrible migraines.’

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nicola mclean

People were confused about Nicola McLean’s eye on CBB…

They are also reported to have added: ‘She suffers from light sensitivity which is why she wears dark glasses in the morning and evening, and she has to wear special contacts with dark lenses throughout the day.

‘This is only a recent development but the eye surgeon has warned her that she may soon need surgery to sort it all out.’

It was originally thought that eye-gate was a result of her removing her contact lenses, but now it seems as though it might be part of a bigger issue.

Aw, poor Nicola.

Nicola McLean

Sadly, the speculation from viewers wasn’t always kind. The source also revealed, ‘She’s received tonnes of abuse on Twitter and she’ll be so upset. Nicola didn’t think it was that bad or that anyone would notice.’

A rep for the CBB contestant says: ‘Nicola visited an eye surgeon last month before discovering she suffers from light sensitivity.’

Wishing you well, lady.