Nicola McLean Has Something To Say To Danielle Lloyd After CBB

Her former friend has been very vocal during her time in Celebrity Big Brother. And now, Nicola McLean has hit back...

Of all of the dramz that’s surrounded the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother, the feud between Nicola McLean and Danielle Lloyd is showing no sign of stopping.

Nicola, who made it to the final and was evicted in fifth place during Friday night’s live show, has no doubt had a lot to catch up on since returning to the ‘real’ world. We mean, can you imagine all of those social media notifications and news stories she’ll have to read after WEEKS in the house? Phew.

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Danielle Lloyd and Jamie O'Hara split in 2014

Danielle Lloyd and Jamie O’Hara split in 2014

Danielle Lloyd has been pretty vocal about the Channel 5 show over the past few weeks, largely down to the fact that both her ex husband and her ex BFF were part of the line-up.

And it seems as though Nicola McLean is far from happy to learn about what’s been said about her.

During one of the most recent episodes, Danielle took to Twitter to accuse Nicola of ‘lying’ about the fact that she was a guest at her wedding to footballer Jamie.

After hearing Nic’ tell Kim Woodburn (during another row) that she had been present for the nuptials, Danielle took to social media to fire back: ‘Nicola McLean was not at my wedding just to confirm!’

She even went as far as to say: ‘And if Nicola turned up in the night she was definitely a wedding crasher’.


Nicola McLean

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Just a day after exiting the BB house, Nicola has had her say. Rather sarcastically, the 35-year-old has said, ‘Oh no because I’d really lie about where I was on the night of Danielle Lloyd and Jamie O’Hara’s wedding!

‘You know, I really have to lie about that, because my life is that dull that I would genuinely lie about being at a wedding. I really would!

‘I would just make up that kind of bulls***. Honestly, what a load of f****** tripe.’

Furthermore, Nicola said that she can prove she was on the guest list, explaining: ‘I was at the wedding. I’d seen the first dance where Damage was performing it was so good- Ghetto Romance – it was so good.

‘He bought her a Bentley and it had diamantes on it – it was unbelievable AND I spoke to Katie Price at the wedding.

‘So there you go, ask Katie Price, because she never lies.’

Over to you, KP.