Nicola McLean ‘Always Fancied’ Jamie O’Hara, Says Danielle Lloyd

Jamie O'Hara's ex wife has spoken out about her former friend...

After more than a week of the current series of Celebrity Big Brother, Danielle Lloyd has finally started speaking out about her former husband, Jamie O’Hara, and what’s been going on with him during his time on the Channel 5 show.

Because, let’s face it, he’s hardly kept quiet about his ex, has he?

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Nicola McLean

Nicola McLean – who used to be close friends with Danielle before they famously fell out – has been accused of flirting with Jamie. Yup, in case you missed it, there was THAT very controversial drunken night in the house, which saw the pair getting cuddly in the smoking area before Jamie offered to help Nicola into her PJs.

And let’s not forget that Nicola is also married to Tom Williams, who also happens to be Jamie’s friend.  Just to make things a little more awkward.


Anyway, Danielle has just talked about their on-screen relationship. And, according to her, Nic’ has always had a bit of a thing for the footballer.

Danielle Lloyd Jamie O'Hara

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The mum-of-three revealed, ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if something happens between them in the house. I think she’s always fancied him.’

Of course, Nicola has also been pretty vocal about her former BFF during her time in CBB.

Danielle continued to OK! magazine, ‘She’s obviously really hurt about Tom cheating on her. If she hadn’t referred to me as a ‘Wannabe WAG’ and implied I am a ‘d******d’ then I’d probably stick up for her.

‘Working at a relationship which is damaged is hard.’

Danielle Lloyd

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This comes just days after the 33-year-old has now revealed that she’s been suffering with anxiety.

Opening up to The Sun, the star revealed that she’s even had to stop watching the show because it was becoming too difficult for her, particularly after ‘hate messages’ started being aimed towards her on social media.

Not cool.