So Did Nicola McLean Actually Leave The Celebrity Big Brother House?

How the internet reacted to Nicola McLean's moment during last night's CBB...

It certainly sounded like Nicola McLean was adamant that she would be walking out of  the Celebrity Big Brother house yesterday.

The mum-of-two told Big Brother that she’d made up her mind, and it seemed like nothing much was going to be able to change it.

If we rewind back to where we left off during Channel 5’s latest helping of the show, Nicola was sitting in the diary room explaining: ‘I’m 100% going home. Don’t speak to me, don’t ask me, I’m 100% going home.’

Nicola McLean diary room

Oh dear.

So, what sparked her sudden determination to leave the house behind her?

This weekend saw Big Brother’s Judgement Task. And yup, you’ve guessed it, there were a lot of home truths and a lot of accusations being thrown about.

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In a courtroom moment that starred Vanessa Feltz as the judge, fellow housemates Jedward and previous contestant Luisa Zissman, Nicola was accused of being a ‘bully’.

Naturally, Nicola didn’t take too kindly to the verdict, and was adamant that she was being judged unfairly.

She told Big Brother: ‘I’m not a bully and I don’t think it’s ok to be called that in a room over and over again.

‘I’m done. I’ve got nothing left for you… I’m done.’

Considering that Nicola was still tucked up safe and sound inside the house by the time the credits rolled last night, we think it’s safe to assume that she had a change of heart and probably didn’t walk.

Fans took to social media to comment on the situation, with many taking Nicola’s side. Reactions included: ‘I must not be watching the same big brother because @NicolaMcLean is not a bully or trying to influence anyone in that house #cbb’ and ‘@NicolaMcLean there is a big difference between being a bully and standing up for yourself and others! you’re doing great, be chuffed! Xx’.

But, perhaps slightly awkwardly, Danielle Lloyd – who has already spoken out about her former best friend during the series – was tweeting about the idea of going into the house just before last night’s episode aired.

When a fan questioned whether or not she would be making an appearance, as some reports have speculated, Danielle replied: ‘No way hunny am staying at home with my boys 👶🏼’.

That’s put that drama to bed then.