MIC’s Nicola Hughes Declares War Against Her Ex Alex Mytton

The Made In Chelsea beauty has branded her reality TV ex 'vile' after their split...

The break-up of Nicola Hughes and Alex Mytton (of Made In Chelsea fame) has been kind of shrouded in secrecy (what happened? Who ditched who?)… Until today.

Because Nicola has piped up with her own version of events, and has branded her ex a ‘vile, gross human’ in the process.


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Nicola and Alex Mytton split during this series of Made In Chelsea: Cannes…

We got a little taste of what might have gone on in last night’s Made In Chelsea: Cannes, when Alex announced that he’d called quits in his and Nicola’s relationship via a text. Yep, he’s one of those guys.

‘Some people might say it was cowardly,’ he was seen telling his MIC pals. Erm, you think?

Oh, and he’d also slept with co-star Olivia Bentley just days before. Which Nicola has had plenty to say about.

Off for a swim ???☀️

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‘It was upsetting but then I laughed about it’, the blonde beauty told New!. ‘He’s gross, a vile human.’

Nicola went on to confess that she’s also had a bit of a fall-out with Binky Felstead, after she went on a date with one of her exes. Eep.

‘I’m definitely single’, she said. ‘I’m not seeing anyone but I have been on dates with one of Binky’s exes, who she dated two years ago. She’s so angry about it.’

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And what about those pictures papped of her on a night out in London with Cheryl’s ex, Jean Bernard Fernandez-Versini, back in June?

Well, Nicola has come clean. And by come clean, we mean admitted that she’s TOTALLY not going there.

‘I didn’t know who he was’, she said. ‘I was in a bar called STK in London and a friend invited me over to his table. We exchanged numbers but there’s nothing there. I don’t want to be associated with him.’


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Blimey. Feisty lady!

Well, we guess her and Mytton are very much done, then?