Nicki Minaj Sports Neon Hair For American Idol Day 1

Nicki Minaj definitely made a bright statement on her first day of American Idol auditions yesterday, just hours after being announced as a judge.

She’s got to stand out alongside Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson and Nicole Kidman‘s husband Keith Urban, and her multicoloured neon locks will definitely help her do that!

Unlike her flocked catsuit at the VMAs, this time she teamed her even more multi-coloured hair with a white jacket that meant business. The first batch of auditions took place in New York with all four judges and host Ryan Seacrest.

Nicki was asked on Twitter how she found judging, and after admitting she was “exhausted”, she said: “It was… interesting…” Oo-er!

Day two of New York auditions is today – we can’t wait to watch! BS