Nicki Minaj And Mariah Carey’s “Intense Argument”: What Happened?

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey got into a spat while filming American Idol on Tuesday, and production halted on the series – now the host of the show, Ryan Seacrest, has revealed exactly what happened.

Speaking on his morning breakfast radio show, Ryan described the “intense” fight the pair of judges got into:

“There was a very heated, intense argument towards the end of the day after a contestant did a little bit of a performance in the room. Keith [Urban] was sitting there, Randy [Jackson] was sitting there. Of course, Nicki and Mariah both there. I was outside. I was outside with the contestant’s family at the time. Both of these judges, as I have said before, come with different perspective.

“And, so, yeah, it was heated. It did go too far, to the point where the producers said with just a few more contestants left, ‘Let’s call it a day.’ And, [they] called a ‘wrap’. So, today [October 3] is a second day of auditions in Charlotte, with that panel. And when you look at what the producers and Fox put together for this season, both of them, all of them, the four of them are essential components to what makes up the entire sum of the panel and provides that different perspective and that interesting point of view.”

We’re wondering if it’s going to be addressed on the show itself. Let’s hope Nicki and Mariah solve their differences before the live shows… BS